Square wire Electronic wires

Exact constant spooling

Blank or galvanized in excellent electronics quality. The wire is constant throughout and has an optimum electropolishing ability.

Square wire Electronic wires Specifications

Square wire Dimensions

  • min. 0.18 × 0.18 mm max. 3.00 × 3.00 mm

Square wire Tolerances *
* depending on diameter, material, strength and surface

  • Closest tolerance +/- 3 µm

Square wire Corner radius

  • Corner radius or diagonal to specification
  • Smallest max. corner radius 0.02 mm

Square wire Surface

  • Plain or electroplated
  • Excellent electronics quality
  • Optimal surface condition suitable for electropolishing and electroplating

Square wire Characteristic feature

  • Exact layer-on-layer placing of the pre-straightened wire
  • two or four sides knurled (optional)
  • Exact staggered knurling is reducing considerably the risk of breakage

Square wire Straightness

  • Wire lies on a flat plane. Curvature is max 250mm/m. The spool VM710 allows is max. 150 mm/m

Square wire Forms of Delivery

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