Insulated wire

We start where others leave off. Insulation for square and flat wires

RST starts where others leave off. Insulation for square and flat wires


insulated wireHaving many years of experience as a producer of high precision square wires and flat wires for the manufacturing of connectors and electronics, we have extended our product range with wrapped insulated flat wires and wrapped insulated square wires. We can insulate copper almost as well as every commercially available copper alloy and aluminum alloy by wrapping it with paper or foil according to your specifications in high-precision quality with your needs and requirements. RST offers you an unparalleled range of dimensions.

Basic material

insulated wireAlmost all conductive basic materials are possible. RST manufactures bare conductors from many types of wires.

You need a bare conductor made of aluminum or a special alloy? Contact us!

Insulation and structure:

insulated wireWe offer you a broad range of insulating materials. Whether paper, Nomex®, Kapton® or foil: we manufacture according to your specifications. On request, the external layer is also glued. You can choose the insulation structure: edge to edge or overlapping. The degree of overlapping depends on dimension and insulation. On request, the wire is coiled in synchronous or opposed form.


insulated wireFor our basic conductors of square wires, We guarantee the closest dimensional tolerances of up to 5µm combined with excellent straightness. The corner radius and the diagonal will be defined according to your specifications. On request laid "layer to layer" is available. For our bare conductors of flat wire we also guarantee the closest dimensional tolerances of up to 5µm in width and thickness as well as a camber of under 10 mm/m.

Your advantage: compared to common round wires, our ínsulated flat wires and square wires can be coiled "layer to layer", i.e. seamlessly.


Choose from our broad range of different spool sizes or tell us what you need.

Insulated wire Specifications

Insulated wire Dimensions

  • square wires in dimensions of up to 0.40 x 0.40 mm
  • flat wires in dimensions from 0.20 x 1.50 mm

Insulated wire Tolerances *
* depending on diameter, material, strength and surface

+/- 5 µm

Insulated wire Curvature

under 10 mm/m

Insulated wire Insulation

Edge to edge or overlapping

Insulated wire Forms of Delivery

Our quality - your safety:
As a longtime partner of numerous large automotive suppliers around the world, we have been certified according to IATF 16949.