Forms of Delivery

Spools and Coils

Our wires are available in different coils. The table will help you to find the right coil for your application.

Here you find our common spool types. Further types on demand
TypeFlange DiameterBarrel DiameterTotal Reel WidthTraverse LengthArbor Hole Diametermax. wire weight
TypeFlange DiameterBarrel DiameterTotal Reel WidthTraverse LengthArbor Hole Diametermax. wire weight
VMV 500/127-270VMV 500/127-270
VMV 500/127-270500 mm315 mm270 mm180 mm127 mm100 kg
K 100 (Plastic coil)K 100 (Plastic coil)
K 100 (Plastic coil)100 mm63 mm100 mm80 mm16 mm1.6 kg
K 125 (Plastic coil)K 125 (Plastic coil)
K 125 (Plastic coil)125 mm80 mm125 mm100 mm16 mm2.9 kg
K 160 (Plastic coil)K 160 (Plastic coil)
K 160 (Plastic coil)160 mm100 mm160 mm128 mm22 mm6.3 kg
165 So165 So
165 So165 mm85 mm64 mm58 mm38 mm4 kg
K 200 (Plastic coil)K 200 (Plastic coil)
K 200 (Plastic coil)200 mm125 mm200 mm160 mm22 mm14 kg
K 250 (Plastic coil)K 250 (Plastic coil)
K 250 (Plastic coil)250 mm160 mm200 mm160 mm22 mm20 kg
K 355 (Plastic coil)K 355 (Plastic coil)
K 355 (Plastic coil)355 mm224 mm200 mm160 mm36 mm50 kg
K 500 (Plastic coil)500 mm315 mm250 mm180 mm127 mm100 kg
K 560 (Plastic coil)K 560 (Plastic coil)
K 560 (Plastic coil)560 mm355 mm406 mm330 mm127 mm200 kg
SD 200 K (Plastic coil)SD 200 K (Plastic coil)
SD 200 K (Plastic coil)200 mm105 mm55 mm45 mm50.5 mm5 kg
SD 300 K (Plastic coil)SD 300 K (Plastic coil)
SD 300 K (Plastic coil)300 mm212 mm103 mm91 mm51.5 mm20 kg
SH 253 (Plastic coil)SH 253 (Plastic coil)
SH 253 (Plastic coil)253.5 mm221 mm37 mm30 mm215 mm1.5 kg
SH 390 K (Haspel)SH 390 K (Haspel)
SH 390 K (Haspel)390 mm310 mm89 mm79 mm305 mm20 kg
SH 460 (Plastic coil)SH 460 (Plastic coil)
SH 460 (Plastic coil)460 mm319 mm105 mm91 mm305 mm40 kg
EM 315EM 315
EM 315315 mm160 mm103 mm80 mm127 mm25 kg
VM 710/127-190VM 710/127-190
VM 710/127-190710 mm500 mm190 mm120 mm127 mm150 kg
VM 710/127-320VM 710/127-320
VM 710/127-320710 mm500 mm320 mm250 mm127 mm300 kg
Wood coil 400Wood coil 400
Wood coil 400400 mm200 mm240 mm210 mm55 mm90 kg
Wood coil 600 (S02)Wood coil 600 (S02)
Wood coil 600 (S02)600 mm400 mm191 mm155 mm300 mm120 kg
Wood coil 710Wood coil 710
Wood coil 710710 mm400 mm218 mm170 mm300 mm200 kg
Wood coil 750Wood coil 750
Wood coil 750750 mm400 mm198 mm150 mm300 mm250 kg
Small Package Winding180 mm66 mm54 mm54 mm63 mm8 kg
Large Package Winding345 mm305 mm95 mm305 mm63 mm20 kg
Coils420 mm320 mm

Our quality - your safety:
As a longtime partner of numerous large automotive suppliers around the world, we have been certified according to IATF 16949.